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With over 20 years experience in  Anti-Aging, Nutrition, Body Contouring, Supplements, and NOW Pedtides, Stem Cells, Exosomes ...we are the answer for your best body
Are you tired of seeing no change in your body?
Do you wonder why not everything works for everyone? 
Are you unable to work out? At Bodypros we have answers!!

Imagine if  

we could change that today

Having been on the hunt for years, and believe me its a never ending hunt, I had to come up with my own tools to answer some of the issues I was facing with body image. Fat loss, inch loss, weight loss... see the common word here?  Its all about loss.   I have met one woman my whole life who was happy with her body!  I needed to change that, and change myself in the process too!  I was looking for quick alternatives to shaping the body and 17 years  ago I literally stumbled on a machine called  Eurowave.  That was the catalyst for the business I now have and boy have I learned  A LOT!  Shortly after I started my company, with Eurowave being my only tool (I was blown away ever day by what this machine could do), other treatments and modalities came my way.  

2003   I started my company with Eurowave (I was in a cute little house/spa in the west end of Edmonton) 

2004   I added the Universal Contour Wrap

2005   I learned to do lash extensions with Xtreme Lashes

2006   I moved to a new location  (needed more room!) and added tanning, Infrared sauna and Power Plate vibration training

2009   I added a newer machine called Slimline which did so much more that the Eurowave (was it possible?? YES) and I discovered               Lipo Laser too.... I then put Slimline, Lipo Laser and Infrared Sauna together and voila!! Kiss those inches good bye! 

2014   I moved to a new location again and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it here!  I got rid of the tanning and the Power Plate with this move

2020  Well that was it!  I didn't survive the changes so I moved everything home.  :( 

2021   I'm still working out of my house, and Im studying to become a DNA Practitioner!!    WOW, I'm so excited to be able to pinpoint clients needs and get the on the road to weight loss, hormonal balance, greater mental health.  I LOVE IT!! 

With every location, treatment, client, staff I learned so much about business and myself. I still love what I do and I cherish all the people I've met along the way and will be meeting still.  

I am always honoured when people trust me with their weight loss and inch loss journey 

2023  Discovered working with Exosomes for skin care, Stem Cells for rejuvination of the body, Peptides for both!  The science is fascinating and the  results are beyond exciting!


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