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A Blink Away from Beauty                           

With over 18 years lashing experience                                

Why am I still doing lashes?  Because I LOVE it!  Any chance I get to enhance a womans natural beauty, I'll take it.  Who doesn't love the idea of waking up in the morning and already looking great?  Less time doing make-up, instant eye lift, I could go on and on.  My fees are rather low considering my experience and that's because I wanted to make it affordable for more women.    




Why do lashes with me?

  •  18 years of lashing experience, I'm a Master Lash Technician

  • I take your natural lash into consideration

  • I will not damage your natural lashes

  • You won't need to "take a break" 

  • I use high end product

  • I have over $2000 worth of inventory so I can customize your set

  • Its a great atmosphere here!

  • I love creating beauty

  • You can take a nap!

  • I mostly do volume lashes for no extra cost to you 



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Need a little more drama? 

With so many lengths, thicknesses and curls to play with.  We can have a lot of fun.  Holiday lashes are my favorite!  Do a little more drama than normal so you won't have to worry about make-up.  Who Doesn't love wake up and go?? 

Yes, we have sparkles and coloured lashes!




Trouble Lashes/Repairs

With so much experience comes a lot of repair work or taking the clients who have had no luck with other lash techs. I love a challenge! If you currently have lashes I will have to take them off and start fresh. 



Tell me what YOU need, I'll make it happen!

Are Lash Extensions safe? 

You need to be sure when getting lash extensions that your lash tech has experience.  Unfortunately lash extensions are not a regulated service so anything goes.  I take the utmost care of your lashes, as well as cleanliness. You are always in good hands. 

How long do extensions take? 

Typically a full set takes about 1.5hrs.  So in that time we can chat, or you can nap. 

​How Long do they last? 

Because we all have different lash cycles (meaning how often your lashes shed) typically ladies will get their lashes filled every 3-4 weeks.  I find that most of us really like our lashes to look fuller so you can expect to get them filled more often. That being said, some clients like to come every two weeks to keep them full. 

Lash care is important! 

Keeping your lashes clean will help them to last longer! Ask about how to maintain and care for your lash extensions

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